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Coldswell is an alternative rock band from Cleveland, Ohio comprised of brothers Evan (guitar, vocals) and Brandon Krise (drums) and bassist Ian Hudson. Formed in 2015, Coldswell began as a project of Evan’s endeavor exploring the sounds of grunge and shoegaze bands. Evan would try out these new songs with Brandon behind the drums. The two brothers had a history of playing in each other’s bands from high school throughout college often switching guitar and drumming duties depending on the project.


After practicing for a few months Evan recorded the four songs he and his brother had been jamming on in their parents basement. Evan recorded these four songs which ended up becoming the groups first EP Weary. Evan and Ian met each other from studying Music Technology at Kent State University. After reviewing each other’s material and being fond of Ian’s respected playing abilities, Evan extended an offer to join the band. Along with Weary, Coldswell released Ruminate in August 2016, and the single Cars & Planes in September 2017. The band released their first full-length album Void Calls on June 21 2019.


With the release of the Void Calls LP, Coldswell takes a fresh approach to some classic genres to give the record a life all it's own. Lush with addictive progressions, an aggressive and catchy vocal approach, and an almost 90's alt undertone, the record boasts the aesthetic of alternative  rock anthems.


"I think we have grown as songwriters by not keeping all of our influences away from the project. The songs have a little bit of each of us in them and they show off what kind of music we like and what that music means to us”. – Evan Krise on Void Calls.   

Void Calls is available now for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets and the band is currently performing in the Midwest in support of their release. 



All Music:

“Cleveland-based trio Coldswell pays homage to the earsplitting guitar-powered rock of Dinosaur Jr.the Cure's bass-driven sense of melody, and the enveloping embrace of shoegaze on its new LP, Void Calls. There's also a dash of turn of the century melodic post-hardcore in the vein of bands like Hopesfall and Thursday, which gives some of the songs a more jagged edge”.


Rock N’ Load:

“Coldswell delivers a grunge-tinged, thought-provoking sound, drawing on the width and breadth of the band’s technical and theoretical musical prowess. The addition of Hudson on bass was a seamless interjection into what had previously been the Krise brothers’ duo. Punchy and cultured, with nods to the likes of The Cure, Dinosaur Jr & Rich People all shining through”.


Daily Music Roll:

“Coldswell makes the perfect blend of addictive and aggressive rock music of the 90s with the present evolution. The songs are themed on lush, beautiful, and dark stages of life. The reflective record “Dark Eyes” shows how they’ve grown emotionally with creative and deep lyrics that will shiver every bone of your body”.

Facets of Art:

“Through these trying times it’s essential​ to amp up your rock playlist and channel your emotions into the sounds you hear. Coldswell absolutely feels like a band to be at the top of such a playlist. Their record release​ “Void Calls” is​ a​ high octane alternative rock record that touches on grunge and a dirty pop rock style. Their main track of​ focus “Headstraight” is a sure thing when it comes to boosting moral via rock music. Quickly digging its way into your brain and leaving an imprint. With a series of​ singles attached to this album, Coldswell has a steady foothold on what it takes to create a memorable rock song for almost anyone in almost any age group. “Void Calls” is fire.”.

Current College & Independent Radio Stations

WBWC: Berea OH

BearCast Radio: Cincinnati OH

KRSC: Claremore OK

WERU: East Orland ME

WNSU: Fort Lauderdale FL

CJAM: Windsor ON

KRUX: Las Cruces NM

WGDR/WGDH: Plainfield VT

WOBN: Westerville OH

CJUM (UMFM): Winnipeg MB

KRZA: Alamosa CO

WHCL: Clinton NY

WOZQ: Northampton MA

KAOS: Olympia WA

KSLU: St. Louis MO

WHFR: Dearborn MI

WRCU: Hamilton NY

KBBI: Homer AK

KTCU: Fort Worth TX

WHUS: Storrs CT

WRHU: Hempstead NY

KDHX: St. Louis MO

KTCV: Kennewick WA

WLFC: Findlay OH

WRRC: Lawrenceville NJ

KFAI: Minneapolis MN

KUWS: Superior WI

WLOY: Baltimore MD

WRUW: Cleveland OH

KKCR: Hanalei HI

M3 Radio: Brooklyn NY

WMCO: New Concord OH

WTCC: Springfield MA

KNON: Dallas TX

WCWM: Williamsburg VA

WMSE: Milwaukee WI

WUTK: Knoxville TN

KPFT: Houston TX

WDUB: Granville OH

WNIA: Rocky Mount NC

WWSU: Dayton OH

Upcoming Live Shows

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